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Stop Languishing

Last week we introduced the concept of languishing. Named by sociologist Corey Keyes, languishing is that "blah" feeling that seems to dull our emotions and motivation. It has been so commonplace in society that is was named the dominant emotion of 2021. It's known as the forgotten middle-child of mental health as it's not depression or burnout, but comes with its own set of symptoms.

Not sure if you're in a state of languish? Feel free to check out this article for a checklist of the symptoms.

As a self-identified languisher myself, it's been tough to find the motivation to even write this two-minute article. For those ready to move past this state, here are a few ways to begin to flourish again:

Find your flow.

Getting into a flow state helps us accomplish more with less effort. We are more creative and usually more satisfied with how we've spent our time.

Celebrate Small Wins

Achievements go a long way to helping improve our mental state. Achievements don't have to be grand in nature. Often times, aiming for a 1% improvement will add up to greater results than if we shot for the moon, and it gives us more instances to celebrate. I wrote about this in a previous post if you're interested in learning more about the 1% rule.

Connect with Others

Relationships are a powerful drug. Make time every day to connect with people outside of your family. For me, it's my gym. For you, it may be a short conversation with someone at a coffee shop or grocery store. There is power in relationships.

For those caught in a state of languish, it may seem as if the world has just gotten a little dimmer. Take heart, you can and will flourish again.


Think of the last time you were in a flow state. Try recreating that situation this week.


Who in your life seems to be flourishing? Ask them how they do it.


“Our highest calling in life is to thrive and flourish, and not just survive. During this incredibly challenging time, we must do our best to thrive.” - Donald T Iannone, D.Div.

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