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10 Minutes

A recent analysis found that if we, collectively, walked 10 more minutes a day, we could prevent over 110,000 premature deaths a year. There are three universal principles hidden within this statistic.

The first is the power of compound interest. Most people believe change happens in a dramatic, sweeping fashion. The truth is that true change can only be created by small, incremental actions. Over time, just like with money, compound interest begins to play a role and we begin to see exponential change. 10 minutes a day doesn't seem like much. At first, we may even be discouraged by the lack of results. If we combine our minute efforts with enough time, change will occur. It's the power of compound interest.

The second is the strength of community. The reason the study garnered the results it did was not because of individual efforts. In the statistical models, they accounted for the impact of relationships. Those walking 10 extra minutes a day are brothers, sisters, neighbors, mothers, family. If those you love are exercising more, you are more likely to exercise more. There is strength in community. The more we invest in ourselves, the more we are investing in our community.

The third is the illusion of the obvious. I love statistics like the one above because if we have health issues it gives us a clear solution. I also laugh because there are still studies needed to tell us something we've always known: being healthy helps us live longer. That is the illusion of the obvious. Despite having the exact answer to a problem in our life, most of us will choose to continue living with that problem. If you're not waiting for a solution, then what are you waiting for?


Share this message with three people in your community that would benefit from it.


If you're concerned sharing this message with those individuals might come off the wrong way...

Do you care more about upsetting that person or the potential of them living a longer, healthier life?


“The man who earns a million, but destroys his health in the process is not really a success.” – Zig Ziglar

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