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Hurdles Hurt

It’s January 2nd, 2023. And yes, I had to retype 2023 after instinctually typing 2022.

The message of the first Two For You newsletter of the year is simple: keep going.

Only about 40% of adults in the U.S. set New Year’s resolutions each year, but that doesn’t mean those of you who haven’t explicitly set resolutions don’t want this year to go better than the last year.

If you haven’t taken the time to at least consider how you’d like your life to improve this calendar year, I encourage you to do so. However, this week’s message is for those who are resolved to improve. Who have something to gain and something to lose in 2023.

It’s only January 2nd and you’re probably feeling solid about your resolution for the year. Good! But be weary. In only two weeks time over 80% of resolutions will have been abandoned.

The best way to clear a hurdle is to see it and jump before it racks you in the knees. Your task today is to identify the most likely thing to prevent you from sustaining your resolution through the end of January and prepare for it.

For teachers, it may be that assignments for different classes start to pile up and hitting your personal reading goal starts to feel like work instead of fun.

For those starting a health journey, your body will definitely feel much more comfortable staying in bed than putting your shoes on and driving to the gym.

For parents, one fire after another will have to be put out and you simply won’t have the time to meal prep like you wanted to *sigh* You’ll simply be resigned to eating the rest of your kids’ Easy Mac… or will you?

What if we greeted the mundane nature of reading like an old friend, eager to spend time with them. What if we leaned into the hurt and exhaustion instead of straying away from it? What if we coerced our family into meal prepping with us, creating the time we didn’t think we had?

Don’t be a statistic in 2023. Keep going.


Make a list of the top three hurdles you’ll encounter in trying to sustain your New Years resolution. Post it on your fridge. Make it the background of your phone. Tattoo it on your forehead.


How many New Years resolutions have you given up on in your life? Do you want that number to increase?


”Just. Do it.“ -Shia LaBeouf

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