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Finals Hall Speaking Competition

Thanks to our incredible sponsors.

Ryan & Lindsey Kelly - Bend, OR


Ryan and Lindsey have been long-time supporters of the FFA. They actually met when Ryan was visiting an FFA friend at his county fair. Ryan is particularly fond of the Creed and the opportunity it provides for first year FFA members to step out of their comfort zone and grow as leaders. We are so grateful for Ryan and Lindsey's generosity.

Brian & Laurie Field - Canby, OR


Brian and Laurie field have been lifetime supporters of the FFA at the local, state, and national level. Their roots are tied deeply to American agriculture and the FFA. Brian and Laurie have hosted hundreds of FFA leaders from across the country talk at length of the impact the organization has had on their family. Thank you to the Field family for their generous support.

Learn more about the Field Family

Oregon FFA Alumni & Supporters


The Oregon FFA Alumni and Supporters is the organization that binds people with a passion for supporting the Oregon FFA and its members together. They are responsible for providing thousands of dollars of scholarships, countless volunteer hours, and mentorship to the over 13,000 Oregon FFA members each year. Their involvement in the Finals Hall Speaking Competition speaks volumes of their ability to innovate, adapt, and get creative in how they support young people. We're thankful for their selfless involvement.

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