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Finals Hall Prepared Speaking Competition
Ready to see if you're the best speaker in the country? Let's find out. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd get a cash prize and it's free to compete. What do you have to lose? Registration is open closes 10/8/20 at 11:59pm local time. BE SURE TO HAVE YOUR VIDEO YOUTUBE LINK READY TO SUBMIT BEFORE REGISTERING.


We've amended the contest format due to the number of states represented.

Round 1

Contestants competed against other people from their state. One winner was selected from each state. 

Round 2

We had 16 total states represented, which has forced us to amend the contest format. To ensure the best speakers move forward, speakers will be randomly assigned to flights of 4 and compete against the other three in their flight. One speaker will move on from each flight.

Round 3

The winners from each flight will compete as finalists. From these four contestants the judges will select a 1st-4th place.


What is the cost

It is free

Do I need to submit a manuscript

No. Manuscripts are not scored in this contest.

When can I submit a video

If you bought one of the 25 tickets with a password you can submit a video anytime between 1pm February 10th and 1pm February 17th Eastern Standard Time

Will speakers get comment sheets back from the judges

Unfortunately, due to the amount of contestants, we won't be able to provide comment sheets to participants. The only thing that will be released are the rankings

How are results announced

All results will be announced via the Jason Wetzler Leadership Facebook page. The link is

How are questions scored

Each speaker will choose and ask themselves one question at the end of their speech to answer

When do I submit my video

You will upload your own video to YouTube and then attach the link to that video to your registration form. The same video will be used for every round of the competition

Do I need to wear Official Dress

No score will be given out for official dress

What should I be doing before registration opens

Film your speech and upload it to YouTube. You should also familiarize yourself with the format of the contest and the rubric

Is there a limit to the amount of people that can enter from one chapter

No. There is not limit to the number of entries

Can a college freshman that would have competed Spring of 2020 in our state compete


I have a video me giving my speech already filmed. Can I just submit that video or do I have a film a new one for this contest

The video must be filmed specifically for this contest

I have competed at the National level in this event before, can I still compete

No you cannot compete, but please consider judging

What is the time limit for speech and questions

The total time limit for your video must not exceed 10 minutes. This includes your speech and answer to your question. Every second over 10 minutes is a one point deduction

Should I introduce myself and my speech at the start of the video or just go into the speech

You have a 10-minute time limit on your video. How you use that time is up to you

How do I upload my YouTube video so the general public can't view it

You can upload your video and categorize it as "unlisted" and this way the only people that can view it are those with the link


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