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Relationship Building Bell Ringers & Live Training

Relationship Building Bell Ringers & Live Training


The Blue Box includes both beginning & advanced Relationship Building bell ringers (7th-12th grade).


It also includes a live, 30-minute virtual leadership training with Jason Wetzler centered around relationship building.

    1. Conversation Skills (4-7 minutes)
    2. The Power in a Name (5 minutes)
    3. Remembering Names (5 minutes)
    4. Remembering Names part 2 (5-7 minutes)
    5. First Impressions (5 minutes)
    6. Stages of Relationship Building (5 minutes)
    7. Building and Keeping Trust (7-10 minutes)
    8. Forgiving Others (5 minutes)
    9. Average of your 5 Closest Friends (5-10 minutes)
    10. The Science of Friendships (5-7 minutes)
    11. Resolving Conflict (5 minutes)

    Each topic can stand alone to meet individual student needs or the set can be used sequentially as a mini-unit. 

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