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Goal Setting Bell Ringers & Live Training

Goal Setting Bell Ringers & Live Training


The Green Box includes both beginning & advanced Goal Setting bell ringers (7th-12th grade).


It also includes a live, 30-minute virtual leadership training with Jason Wetzler centered around goal setting.

    1. Why do we Set Goals? (5 minutes)
    2. Choose a Focus Area (7 minutes)
    3. Choose an Outcome (5 minutes)
    4. Identify Aspects of the Process (5 minutes)
    5. Why Hand Writing your Goals Matters (3 minutes)
    6. Learning about Habits (7 minutes)
    7. Monthly Objectives & Dailys Behaviors (5-7 minutes)
    8. Make your Goals FAST (5 minutes)
    9. Create a Bucket List (3-10 minutes)
    10. Goal Mountain (5 minutes)

    Each topic can stand alone to meet individual student needs or the set can be used sequentially as a mini-unit. 

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