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The In-Between

Life is rich. We experience moments of celebration, indescribable joy, rushes of adrenaline, and breath-taking beauty. These moments give us something to look forward to with eagerness and look back upon with fondness. For the average person, these "highs" don't occur everyday, and we should be grateful for that. Part of what makes these moments so incredible is their scarcity.

We live most of our lives waiting for the next moment like these, in a place I call the "in-between." It's a Sunday afternoon spent doing the dishes, sitting on the couch on our phone at night, or talking to our parents on the phone about nothing. The "in-between" makes up a large portion of our life, yet we hardly give it any thought or consideration.

What if we began not just existing in the "in-between," but living for the "in-between?"

Look forward to the mundane moments in a house by yourself. When you find you've got nothing to think about, be grateful there isn't something worse on your mind. Take 20-minutes during your workday and leave a friend an unexpected voicemail. Google something random and let it take you down a rabbit hole.

Seeing a longtime friend and eating at an expensive restaurant are experiences we should savor, but don't spend the time in-between those experiences yearning for the next one. Don't live for THE moment, live IN the moment.


The next time the sun is shining, leave your phone and go outside for 10 minutes.


How much value do you place on your day to day lifestyle versus your future goals?


“We were still children, for all that we thought we weren’t. We were in that in-between place, the twilight between childish things and grown-up things.” - Christina Henry, Lost Boy: The True Story of Captain Hook

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