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Making Time for Those That Matter

In 2021 I was away from home for over 200 days of the year, traveling to over 30 states. I am fortunate enough to know people in a lot of the places I travel, even more fortunate to call most of them friends.

In my early 20's, traveling was gleeful because I knew I'd get to see friends from around the country I seldom spent time with. Somewhere along the lines I convinced myself I didn't have time on my work trips to see those people, so I stopped reaching out to them.

Around that same time, I started resenting traveling, feeling extremely lonely on the road. Yet, somehow I didn't recognize the correlation between not making time for people and feeling isolated.

Last week I was in Redmond, OR for an event and as I was flying there, I remembered that I forgot to reach out to one of my close friends, Ryan. He had a son a few years ago that I still hadn't met, and I hadn't seen his wife in some time. I was traveling with a mutual friend who convinced me to reach out to Ryan, despite it being last minute. We were able to meet up, I met his son, and most of all, I found community and connectedness while traveling again.

Having a job is not an excuse for not making time for people.

Having kids is not an excuse for not making time for people.

Having a spouse is not an excuse for not making time for people.

If those statements upset you or you found yourself saying, "He doesn't understand..." then I especially meant them for you :)

If you want a life worth living, make time for those that matter.


Text an old friend you've been meaning to reach out to.


What is your go-to excuse for not seeing people that matter?


"A lack of time is simply a lack of priorities." - Tim Ferriss

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