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Just Do It

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

If you don't recognize this .gif, then you haven't seen what may be the best motivational speech ever delivered. The entire takeaway of Shia LeBeouf's 2015 rant is encapsulated in three words, "Just do it." I hadn't watched the full speech for over five years, but thought of it during a conversation I was having with my best friend a few weeks ago.

Garrett and I were grabbing a beer when he mentioned he started his own LLC. He already had a career that he enjoyed so I was a little surprised. He explained that for the past six years he had consumed countless books and podcasts on creating something, be it a business, product, or book. He had become an expert on how to start something, but ironically enough, had never started it. He decided enough was enough and with his most recent idea and filed for an LLC. He just did it.

Reading a book on how to start a business is helpful, but you can read 100 books and still not have an actual business. What business are you waiting to start? What goal are you holding off on until the time is right? What relationship are you keeping yourself out until certain conditions are met? You have read enough. You have imagined enough. You are good enough. Take Shia's advice and JUST DO IT.


Put a reminder for this weekend in your phone right now to do something about your idea.


Who can you tell about your idea/relationship/project that will hold you accountable to taking action this week?


"Yesterday, you said tomorrow, so JUST DO IT." -Shia LeBeouf

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