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Invite Others In

Two years ago, Joenelle and I were just married and living in my parent's rental house in Monmouth, OR. We were grateful for the roof over our head and the food in our fridge, but we knew something was missing.

We would sit by our wood stove fireplace and talk about owning the house that everyone loved to be at, the gathering place. We dreamt of a place where people could walk in our front door, unannounced, make a sandwich, and feel as if they belonged and they were loved.

It was the house that my parents helped build when I was growing up and I wanted to replicate that.

We knew the secret ingredient wasn’t having the best furniture, the biggest TV, or even the nicest house. In fact, amongst all of my friends growing up, I had one of the smallest houses.

This year, Joenelle and I discovered the secret ingredient to creating the life we wanted.

It turns out all you need is to do is invite people in and 99% of the time they’ll show up.

We've discovered that most often people are waiting to be invited. Invited to dinner, invited to game night, invited to music bingo at the local brewery, or invited in to be a part of your life. All YOU have to do, is ask.

If you feel something is missing from your life and you've been waiting for change then maybe it's time you invite the change in by inviting others into your life.

We are meant to live in community.

We are meant to pour into one another.

Extend an invite and let others show up. You won’t regret it.


Invite someone to dinner at your house this week (even if it's messy, even if you can't cook, even if you have too much going on).


What invitation are you waiting for? How can you extend that same invitation to someone else?


"The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention." - Oscar Wilde

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