For those of you that aren't aware, I now sell drugs. Animal drugs to be specific, ya know, vaccines and the sort. Which means I drive a lot. Today I spent my time driving in, around, under, between and through the Sweetwater Valley in eastern Tennessee. It was a gorgeous drive and I highly recommend it to anyone who's looking to do anything in Tennessee outside of Nashville. With each customer interaction that passed, my day got better and better. Reflecting on it now I am loving the work I get to do. However, while my customers were great, one interaction topped the rest.

I had just left a farm after leaving multiple hand written notes in several very conspicuous spots hoping they would find them attached to my business card when I drove around a sharp country backroad right turn to see a truck with its flashers on. Two of the four men were walking the narrow shoulder in search of treasure and the other two sat idle in the cab. I rolled my window down to offer my services and, while perplexed, he accepted. With Lucy in the car I crossed the street and noticed for the first time how different the two men on the road were. Matt (we'll call him) was clean shaven, dressed in khakis, a button up shirt and brown leather dress shoes. The other man had as many teeth as his tank top did sleeves, was balding against his will and wore a full suit of ink armor. I shrugged remembering that I'd been in way weirder situations. After 20 minutes we lost all resolve and gave up looking for the treasure which turned out to be a blown hubcap. It was in that 20 minutes that the Matt gave me so much to think about. He casually shared that he recently went through a divorce, usedto own a restaurant chain and just finished taking some intensive bible study courses at a place that google later informed me was a rehabilitation facility for people that had recently gotten out of prison. At the end he thanked me for offering to help and I gave him my business card and we left.

For some reason or another, that story is special to me. Maybe I'm not supposed to know why yet. Maybe I was just supposed to stop and help those guys. Maybe I was just supposed to let them know that others are going to stop and help them too.

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