Dorothy's Secret Missions

I was at home over Christmas break driving to dinner with friends when I received a text from my cousin Shawn. We don't text very often so it kinda peaked my interest, but I decided to wait until I got to the restaurant to open the text. What I received was definitely NOT something I wanted to see before I ate. For your sake I won't include the graphic, but in Shawn's message was a picture of my Grandmother's newly pedicured FEET. Disgusting... And at the same time hilarious. Grandma Dorothy, at age 86 had finally gotten her very first pedicure and she sure was proud of it.

Grandma seems to do a lot of things that are extra-ordinary for Grandma's to do. I like to refer to them as Grandma's secret missions. Whether she's getting a pedicure, going to the movies for the first time in 50 years, or gambling at a casino; she's adventurous, productive and makes the lives of other people better.

Shortly after I received this picture, Grandma told me I had to keep her updated on my own secret missions as I travel throughout this next year. Thanks to Grandma Dorothy, my first secret mission has been starting this blog.

So for all the Grandma's reading out there: may your toes be painted and may you always be adventurous, productive and make the lives of other people better.


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