Our History. Our Future. Our Community.

Two teenagers from Ohio knew their town had a drug problem.

The word "Alma" is Spanish for "soul." For Tess and Camrie, they knew they would have to do some soul-searching if they wanted to make an impact on their community. Their teacher wanted to help. And so, Expedition Alma was born.

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It all starts with one question

If you could solve one problem in your community,

what would it be?

Expedition Alma is all about identifying a need

and being the solution

It's built on four pillars. We refer to them as "Know, Know, Know, Go!"




Your Community


Your Plan



Know Yourself


The session is dedicated to learning about who you are, what you care about, and what you're good at.

Know Your Community


Then we take a deep dive into your community and what it needs. We ask BIG questions because we are trying to make BIG changes. You'll also conduct a thorough needs asseessment of your community.

Know Your Plan


After conducting a needs assessment, we analyze the results and create a plan. You'll leave with a plan to create real change in your community.

Go Serve

Post Expedition

The last step is on you. Are you committed to make lasting change? Or do you just talk about it?

The experience is a total of 11 hours of content.

The best part? It can occur in-person OR virtually. 

Expedition Alma currently occurs per demand.

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